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What is ROSM’s criteria for sending a ROSM REQUEST?

1. Along with all request information, we must have a statement of release of information signed by the client. IS THIS FAXED TO YOU OR WHAT FORM DOES THIS TAKE?

2 Only one request per CALENDAR YEAR OR PER 12 MONTH PERIOD OF TIME??year/per individual

3. No requests for deposits

4. No funeral expenses

5. No lodging requests, except in an exceptional circumstances where the client does not meet the criteria of existing shelters

6. No telephone bill requests, except in case of health or safety

If you meet the criteria mentioned above your request will be distributed to participating religious organizations. In order for this program to succeed, it is vital that you submit verified information, along with the statement of release of information to: or fax to 685-3245

1. Your contact information (ie., telephone and e-mail address)

2. Client’s full name (spelled correctly), address and telephone #

3. Last 4 digits of Social Security number (in cases where person does not have a SS#, ROSM will assign them a number) and DOB for client

4. Monthly income information

5. Other adults (anyone over age 18) who live in the home. Please include their relationship to client along with last 4 digits of SS# (in cases where person does not have a SS#, ROSM will assign them a number) and DOB for each

6. Number of children in the home and DOB for each one

7. Existing need: type, amount and due date

8. Payment information
a. For rent requests, provide landlords’ name and telephone number
b BEFORE CONTACTING ROSM, CONFIRM WITH THE landlord if the payment will satisfy or if the client will avoid eviction.
c. For utility requests, provide account number

9. Narrative describing client’s circumstances. Please include reason that you feel this client is worthy of assistance.

10. State what plan is in place to pay next month’s bills.

What happens next?

Your request will be checked on the ROSM web site data base and if your client meets our THE ABOVVE criteria, a “ROSM REQUEST” will be sent via e-mail to participating religious organizations.
If you have e-mail, you will receive a copy of this “ROSM REQUEST” via e-mail.

You will be notified within 1 week regarding the results of the sent ROSM REQUEST

The religious organization that receives this request might contact you with additional questions.

If they can assist, religious organizations will MAKE PAYMENT directly to the debt or bill. Religious organizations will also inform ROSM of their assistance.

Per your request, ROSM, in turn, will notify you of any assistance provided.

If your request for assistance is DENIED, please contact the ROSM coordinator for an explanation.