The ROSM Mission

The Resource Office for Social Ministries (ROSM), a non-profit organization, coordinates the efforts of the religious community to aid the poor, providing accurate information to efficiently use resources and prevent duplication of assistance.

ROSM is effective in eliminating duplication of efforts and providing information with respect to the amount and kind of assistance already given or needed in a specific situation. 

ROSM is a tax-exempt, county-and-state-recognized service. ROSM does not receive any government funding, but relies solely on financial gifts from congregations and individuals.  It is governed by a board of directors who are representative of local religious groups and social service agencies.

ROSM seeks to coordinate benevolent efforts in our community through the following services:

1.   Responding to requests of religious institutions for client information, utilizing ROSM’s website database. 
2.   Responding to social service agencies’ requests for client financial assistance through an e-mail based ROSM REQUEST. 
3.   Helping religious organizations identify people in the community whose needs may already have been met through the ROSM ALERT. 
4.   Consulting with ROSM’s coordinator to develop the benevolence programs of local religious groups. 
5.   Providing referrals to God’s Pantry and other social service agencies.

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Board of Directors:

Nanci Alexander, 
        St. Luke United Methodist Church

Rev. Dennis Burrows
         Associate Pastor, Southern Hills United Methodist Church

Julie Broderson (ex-officio), 
        Centenary United Methodist Church

Paula Clancy, 
        Jewish Family Services

Laura Connell, Interim Chair
        Lexington Leadership Foundation

Roscoe Covington, Treasurer
         Anchor Baptist Church

Debbie Faulconer
        Gardenside Baptist Church

 Danielle Gilchrist
        Manchester Center

David Parks
        Dean, Dorton & Ford, PSC
        Baptist Church at Andover

Jeffery Swain
         Man O' War Church

Lana Tipton
         Southern Hills United Methodist Church

Michael Troutman
         Troutman and Hays
      First Assembly of God

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"I am one of the few pastors who actually remember Lexington before ROSM. Every pastor and every church secretary dealt with everyone who called or walked in off the street. There was no one to call for advice. No one to e-mail for information. No backup at all. Each person was all alone as they faced the individual needs of the poor of Lexington. With the coming of ROSM in 1977, all that changed. Today, ROSM provides us with a clearinghouse of information. We have communication with social workers and churches. We are not alone anymore.

Rev. Dennis Burrows, Associate Pastor
Southern Hills United Methodist

"The ROSM database helps us identify those who are truly in need, and it ensures that our resources are used effectively. The collaboration between churches also reduces the time and energy we have to spend verifying people's situations and, instead, allows us to focus our efforts on getting people back on their feet."

Jim Connell, President
Lexington Rescue Mission